Extended Deadline >>> 2021 Call for Papers 3/4: Research in Commercial Banks 商業銀行 (By Nov. 30, 2020)






Call for Papers

Special Issue on

Research in Commercial Banks



Guest Editors

Chih-Yung Lin       National Chiao-Tung University

Ju-Fang Yen          National Taipei University

(By last name in alphabetical order)




Submission Deadline: November 30, 2020

First Review Result: February 28, 2021

First Revision Due: May 15, 2021



Scope and Background

Journal of Financial Studies (JFS) is the official publication of the Taiwan Finance Association (TFA). The Journal publishes important research across all the major fields of financial research and is indexed by the EconLit of the American Economic Association (AEA) and the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI) of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The special issue of the Journal invites submissions on research in commercial banks.



Topics of Interest

include but are not limited to the following topics related to commercial banks and other depository institutions: loan decision and loan contract, risk and risk management (including credit risk, market risk, interest-rate risk, liquidity risk, systemic risk, and others), moral hazard, mergers and acquisitions, regulations (including deposit insurance, capital regulation, and others), corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, syndicated loan, political connection, financial crisis, bank run, and bank efficiency.



Paper Submission

Interested contributors are highly encouraged to submit manuscripts/papers in either English or Chinese (after accepted for publication, Chinese manuscripts/papers must be translated into English) via http://www.jfs.org.tw/index.php/jfs/information/authors by November 30, 2020 and select the section “2021 Research in Commercial Banks” during submission.

Each submission should include 2 individual electronic files in PDF format as follows:

1.  Abstract (with title page, name(s) of author(s), affiliation(s), abstract, and keywords)

2.  Complete paper (with title page, abstract, and keywords but WITHOUT name(s) of author(s))



Publication Fee

After the paper is accepted, there is a fee of NT$5,000 (only NT$3,000 for members of the Taiwan Finance Association) payable to the Taiwan Finance Association.



DOI® Number

Each paper published in the JFS is assigned a DOI® number, which appears at the bottom of the title page in the published paper.


For any additional information, please contact us at JFinancialStudies@gmail.com.



ISSN: 1022-2898